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The sardine is very nutritious and has many health benefits.


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In the actractive city of Anzio, nex to Rome, there is the new plant of Company SAPA srl where since 120 years they have been producing the tasty Sardines Pollastrini.

Thanks to the professionality and to the passion of men and women who work with us since 30 years, the product succeeds to keep those old tastes that make Sardines Pollastrini of Anzio a famous and asserted brand in Italy and in the foreign country.. With the aid of the more advance technologies, the quality control and the punctual applications of relative norms to the corrected hygienic praxis, we guarantee a first quality production. Our production is only made with CLUPEA PILCHARDUS sardines, fished in the Mediterranean Sea.

SAPA srl

Via C.Goldoni, 70 - 00042 Anzio (Roma) - Tel. +39.069870217 - Fax +39.069870216


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